You’re jealous of his Ex Wife

You’re jealous of his Ex Wife

You are jealous of his Ex Wife.

He obviously still has feelings for her, she definitely still has feelings for him, you’re jealous of the kids too and you just can’t bear him talking to her, she is a real threat to your relationship and if she wanted him back, by God, she would have him! This is what you really think isn’t it, go on, admit it??

Well, if you were to believe his Ex Wife, then maybe…

You are going to get accused of this all the time. Ignore it and do not rise to the bait, as all that does is reinforce in her mind that she must be right!

As frustrating and incredibly annoying as this kind of fighting talk is – don’t get drawn in, don’t lower yourself to BatShit Crazy retaliation, let her keep that well deserved crown!

Accept they have a history, but that it is just that – history, they’re entitled to it and it has nothing to do with you, in the same way our past relationships are our own private business, it’s not something we want to dwell upon and reminisce over.

And if we do occasionally reflect on previous partners, that’s ok – it doesn’t mean we think any less of our current one, we can’t erase our history and why would we want to? It’s our story, it made us who we are today and it is what takes us into the next chapter of our lives. So thank them and wave them on…

Also, recognise that most people (if they’re honest!) don’t really want their ex partner to go on and seemingly ‘do better’ than them, or God forbid, have the audacity to be in a happy and loving relationship, rather than at war and miserable!

It hurts her to realise she is in the past, particularly when so much of her time was dedicated to raising the kids that you now have the privilege of enjoying in your life. And it is a privilege to enjoy time with someone else’s children, I have appreciated this over the years and it has on occasion softened me towards his Ex..

The bottom line, jealously isn’t classy. And the one who conducts themselves without jealously, will always have the upper hand!

So when you’ve been accused of being a Jealous Bitch, again! When all you did was pass the time of day, take the compliment and laugh it off…and know with 100% certainty, that it ain’t you with the jealousy problem!


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