Don’t get your hands dirty with the disciplining!
Grab a strong G&T, take a physical and emotional step back and let your partner be the villain for a bit! View Post

You can’t be expected to love your Step Kids right away, you might not even like them!
The only things I love immediately, unequivocally, and at first sight, are double gin & tonics and puppies! View Post

Step Up and Support the Step Mum!
If you have another woman giving love to your kids, show some fucking respect! View Post

A Parent is for Life, not just for Christmas!
November hits, and all off a sudden I’m getting, “Happy Friday” texts, and the little sprogs are enquiring how my week at work has been! View Post

The Trials & Tribulations of Technology!
Whenever we decide to “ban the gadgets” as a family in our house, some clever little shit inevitably suggests getting Monopoly out… View Post