Don’t get your hands dirty with the disciplining!
Grab a strong G&T, take a physical and emotional step back, and let your partner be the villain for a bit! View Post

We don’t negotiate with Terrorists
Every and any situation where we had to communicate with the ExWife, went from basic to bonkers in less than 30 seconds flat! View Post

You can’t be expected to love your Step Kids right away, you might not even like them!
The only things I love immediately, unequivocally, and at first sight, are double gin & tonics and puppies! View Post

You are not their Mother
And that’s fine, we don’t need to be told twice! This is not the 1950’s Women’s Good Housekeeping Guide - we do not need to ‘know our place’ we’ll do whatever we want thank you very much, and that includes not pretending to be a Mother to someone else’s little sprogs View Post

You’re jealous of his Ex Wife
The bottom line, jealously isn’t classy. And the one who conducts themselves without jealously, will always have the upper hand View Post

Whoever said money can’t buy love, was talking absolute shite.
I openly admit to having spoiled them at times, particularly in the early days. I was trying far too hard with the big stuff, when the focus should've been on the small stuff View Post